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Yvonne Painton
  A major force in the television and radio news industry for nearly 20 years, Yvonne also has extensive experience in both commercial and industrial voice-overs, as well as a management background in news, public relations and marketing. In addition to being the international "voice" of Sprint and other major corporations, Yvonne is also the recipient of numerous awards for broadcast and writing excellence from such organizations as The Associated Press, United Press International, The Radio and Television News Association and The Los Angeles Press Club. Her background, coupled with her insight into future marketing trends in the telecommunications arena, led to the inception of MaxCom, and its premiere services, Maximum Messages ®, and Maximum Productions ®.

Scott Painton
  Vice President
  Scott is a nationally renowned Air Personality and Audio Production Director, with more than 30 years in the radio and television industry. His experience in the communications field spans both coasts, having worked as an announcer and voice-over talent in Los Angeles, then crossing the country, where he and Yvonne formed the Tampa- based Max Communications, Inc. in May, 1992. Scott remains at the pinnacle of audio & video technology by continuing in the industry as a Recording & Production Director, as well as a Voice-over Talent and Voice Training Coach.

Matthew Bodie
  Creative Services Director
  Matthew has managed the research, writing and production for Maximum Messages and Maximum Productions for a decade. Whether a Fortune 500 company or a budding entrepreneur, you'll receive his personal attention, from concept to completion. Matthew's portfolio includes national and international clients, ranging from retail and service giants, like JCPenney Company, NAPA Auto Parts, and Millennium & Copthorne Hotels; to popular not-for-profits, such as the YMCA and The Humane Society. Matthew's background in broadcast production, music, creative writing, and professional research has bolstered MaxCom's dynamic approach to effectively promoting your business.

Ken Donofrio
  Marketing Director/Webmaster
  Ken brings over 20 years of advertising and media experience to MaxCom. His portfolio includes everything from corporate NFL sponsorships to full-scale international ad campaigns for a wide variety of clients. Ken's straightforward marketing style has lent valuable insight toward the growth of many companies, including MaxCom.
Kim Hamilton
  Technical Administrator
  Kim brings over 20 years of administration and management experience to MaxCom. Her insight into the corporate world of administration includes everything from human resources, account development, technical consulting, training, product & service marketing, to website design and development.

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