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How Max Communications Can Help You Sound Your Best
Radio & Television: powerful marketing mediums to reach the public. Corporate Sales, Image, Instructional & Training Presentations: powerful paths to reach potential clients, vendors and employees. Regardless of the production you want to create, you need the creativity, talent and experience of Maximum Productions to give your project full energy.
Radio and TV Commercial Audio

Image. Image. Image. We’ve got you covered on-hold, in-store and interactively on your phone line. Now, what about the image you present through commercial advertising? Sure, you can just let the local radio or tv station rep write up some copy and you can pay one of their DJs to read it. He or she will be happy to make that talent fee. Or you can go to a production house who’ll charge you big bucks for off-site talent and in-house production and editing. But the question is: Why would you do any of that when you have an audio production company at your fingertips that probably already knows all about your business and has all the tools in-house? Just like we do in our on-hold Maximum Messages, we’ll write a custom commercial script, add the power of professional voice, and toss in all the bells and whistles to get your commercial noticed. You’ll like what you hear and you’ll really like what you spend.

Corporate Audio and Video Production Voice-Overs

Not all presentations are commercial; however, it’s still important that you don’t sell yourself short. You need to keep that audience interested – or it’s all been a waste of your valuable time and money. Whether we’re informing, training, instructing, or entertaining, we’ll make sure no one ever falls asleep during your presentation – and you can save money on coffee.

Bilingual Recording Services

Bienvenido a Max Communications - podemos registrar su mensaje en español

Bienvenue à Max Communications - nous pouvons enregistrer votre message en français

Oh, sorry. What we mean to say, in English, is that we can also record your productions in Spanish or in French.

And More

If there’s some other voice or audio production service you’re looking for, and we haven’t covered it yet, just ask. Don’t be shy – chances are we’ve done it before, and we’ll be happy to do it for you, too. If we haven’t done it yet, well, we’re always up for a new adventure.

Radio Works

According to Arbitron’s Radio Today, “Radio reaches more than 94 percent of the U.S. 12+ population each week. On average, Americans spend almost 20 hours per week listening to their favorite stations.”  That means radio commercials, especially those ear-catching ones produced by our own  Maximum Productions®
have a huge audience just waiting to hear about your business or services


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